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About Me

My Canine journey

I started with Dogs in 2015 when my mum died. Enter Louie my Cocker Spaniel, he was 6 months old and i was his 4th home.

He had separation anxiety and i made all the common mistakes that pet parents make.

I then got involved with fostering romanian dogs, thus my love affair with rommies began.

I then got my first wolf dog. I fell in love with the breed when i was doing my research into what dog breed would suit my lifestyle. However i realised they were a specilised breed and not suitable for a first time dog owner. 

With all the traits that a lot of rommie dogs present with, i realised they were similar.

Enter Saffi into my life.

She has helped me so much with my foster dogs and my personal learning journey.

I fostered and rehomed many dogs from Romanian and Bosnia.

I also do homechecks for many rescue centres.

I set up my own dog walking in 2018, then started to do courses for dog training.

I completed on the job training with a fantastic dog training company.

I then completed the Absolute Dogs Pro dog trainer course and a specialised romanian dog training course.

Concept based Dog Training in Birmingham

You may have bought training books and spent a fortune on a variety of recommended dog training equipment – all of it promised to fix the problem, but – at K9 Mind Body Soul I know – it didn’t. Whether it’s aggression toward people and/or other dogs or just an unwillingness to listen. I am a concept trainer, using games to train the dog out of the situation for the situation. I am based in Birmingham. Want to learn more? Please get in touch through the booking form or give me a call on +447857734065

Concept Dog Training

Instead of teaching your dog sit,stay etc we introduce you and your dog to the concepts of calmness, focus, impulse-control, confidence and proximity, that will enable your dog to make the right choices for themselves, no matter what situation you find yourselves in.

We train you broad concepts like calmness, focus, impulse-control, confidence, proximity, and lots more besides, that will enable your dog to make the right choices for themselves, no matter what situation you find yourselves in.

Sound too good to be true? It gets better. The way we teach a dog all these fantastic concepts is by playing games with them. Not only will your dog have fun, but so will you!  You will build a great relationship and bond with your canine companion. Curious to learn more? Want to discover some fun games you can start playing today?

Drop me a message.

Also check out the absolute dogs you tube channel.

Happy Customers

Anne is amazing ! We’ve just had our first puppy training lesson and our dog (just 9 weeks old) has already learnt to sit & wait within the first hour of being with Anne. Loads of ideas for games to play with him and training tips too. Thank you, we are looking forward to next week x

Helen Elizabeth
2 Dec 2021

Helped me out with my dog. Very patient, taught me a lot about puppies. I was very nervous as this is my first dog. Talked me through puppy stages and learning. Loved the games she taught us to play.

Sandra Worthington
2 Dec 2021


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So you think you want a puppy?


So you think you want a puppy? STOP AND THINK. Rescue centres are full of dogs that were once puppies and people didnt think about all the hard work puppies entail.

Think toddler with no nappy, that has shark teeth that needs attention most of the …

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5 Reviews

Hayley Molloy

07 February 2022

07 February


Anne is a fantastic dog trainer. She has a wealth of knowledge and a superb approach. My dog loves her and they have a wonderful relationship. I would fully rec...
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Lorraine Greening

21 December 2021

21 December


Anne has a natural affinity with dogs combibed with her extensive knowledge she is a fantastic dog trainer I recommend her

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